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Alma Flamenca Circus Theatre
Motorbike concentration
Concert Medina Azahara
Corporate Day
Ibidem Historical Recreation
Christmas 2017 Ball
Christmas 2017


In recent years, they have enjoyed a great deal of public participation, with parades and groups, where the popular imagination surprises with a varied collection of costumes.

San Marcos I
San Marcos II
San Marcos III

Festivity of San Marcos

April 25th, has been celebrated since time immemorial with a pilgrimage and country day, where inhabitants and visitors enjoy games and competitions, such as those of the salmorejo or salads of San Marcos, typical dishes of that day, as well as popular dances.

Festivals of Our Lady of the Forsaken

They are held on the second Sunday in May, and the procession to the Virgin, the patron saint of the Matallana district, along the Paseo del Romeral, where the traditional fireworks display takes place, stands out.

Festivals of the Purisima

During the novena and until the day of the Purisima, 8 December, the town decorates streets and balconies with the colors of the Virgin and the popular lanterns in honour of its patron saint.

Tasting 2016 what nature separates…
Tasting 2017
Tasting 2016 Multi adventure


Since 2016, the historical moment that marked the birth of Puente Genil, after the union of El Pontón de Don Gonzalo and the Miragenil district on 10 December 1834, has been commemorated with a programme of cultural and tourist activities organised by the Town Hall, entitled Saboreando tu historia (Tasting your history), which is held during the December bridge.

Nights in Villa Tango
Nights in the Villa Duo Ribera
Nights in the Villa Coral 2
Nights in the Villa Coral
Noche Blanca del Flamenco
Flamenco White Night 2

Nights in the Villa

Noches de la Villa is a cultural programme of the Puente Genil Town Hall that has been held at the archaeological site of the Roman Villa of Fuente Álamo from June to September from 2013.

Rock and River Blues Festival

With thirteen editions to its credit, it is one of the most consolidated blues festivals in Andalusia, and has featured the presence of great artists of the genre on a national and international level.

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