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The Festivity

Puente Genil’s Easter Week, familiarly known as “The Mananta“, is one of the most important and unique manifestations of popular religion in Andalusia.

Beyond the commemoration of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ, the Mananta acquires in Puente Genil a unique stamp that becomes unforgettable for those who visit it for the first time. It is, without a doubt, a party of sensations, where everything seems to be mixed up in an apparent disorder and even contradictory. That is, however, where much of its mystery and appeal lies.

It’s also, the big party of participation. For the Mananta is a festival of the people, forged by them.

And along with that, the weight of tradition. The Mananta was forged over hundreds of years, and it is traditional because its customs have been preserved in the village and passed on from generation to generation.

Under these premises, the reader of this small guide will find the necessary elements to approach, necessarily in a superficial way, this explosion of faith and popular feeling that the Mananta represents. Conjugating them, giving depth to what was said before, will require more time. Sometimes a lifetime.

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