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Puente Genil would not be understood without the river that gives it its name and which, since ancient times, has had a clear influence on the whole territory. The Local Historical Museum houses findings dating back to the Lower Palaeolithic. Different archaeological sites are scattered throughout the municipality, such as Roman Villa of Fuente Álamo, which dates from the first to the tenth century AD.

Puente Genil also has interesting architectural works, above all of a religious nature; although it has numerous examples of civil architecture with its stately homes such as the House-Palace of the Dukes of Medinaceli, the House of the Ximénez-Montilla family, of the Reina family or that of Leopoldo Lemoniez. The Aurora and the Alianza House are two good examples of industrial architecture from the end of the last century.

The building where the Puente Genil Historic and Cultural Centre is located is one of the most unique in the town. It currently houses the Municipal History Museum (Archaeology and Ethnography Section)the Fosforito Hall, the Pérez Almeda Hall, the  Permanent Municipal Museum of Easter Week, the Headquarters of the Association of Brotherhoods, Brotherhoods and Bible Corporations, the Convent Theatre and the headquarters of the Schola Cantorum “Santa Cecilia”.

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