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Come celebrate #WorldTourismDay2023 with us!

To celebrate 🌏🌍🌎World Tourism Day 2023 on September 29 and 30 and Sunday, October 1, we have prepared some activities that we are sure you will love. They are all free and for all of them you must reserve your place by filling out the form that you will find at the end.

This year motto is “invest in people, the planet and prosperity.” And what a better way to celebrate than giving life to our bodies with a 🧘🏻‍♂️🧘🏼‍♀️Yoga session at 🏛 Fuente Álamo Roman Villa! With the help of Silvia Navas we will connect with our inner being. We are waiting for you 🤗 on 📆Friday, September 29th at ⏰7:30 p.m.

Also on 📆Friday, September 29th and with two passes, one at ⏰7:00 p.m. and another at 8:00 p.m. in the surroundings of the 🏭industrial complex of “La Alianza,” you can test your deductive skills with the gymkhana ” In search of the lost key.”

Also in the surroundings of the 🏭industrial complex of “La Alianza” but on 📆Saturday, September 30th we will have the Multiadventure with our friends from the GAN who have prepared some fun activities for us looking at our river: climbing, archery, workshop knots and much more… Ready for the adventure? And in the afternoon the workshop And the light came! at ⏰7:00 p.m., for children from 7 to 13 years old, where they will discover why we are the city of light. At ⏰8:00 p.m. we will have a guided tour called “Pieces with history,” where you will learn the history of the most emblematic building of our industrial heritage.

On 📆Saturday, September 30th, but in 🏛 the Roman Villa of Fuente Álamo we will have two Escape Room, one at ⏰7:30 p.m. and another at ⏰9:00 p.m. An activity intended for groups of 4 or 6 people over 16 years of age. And in the industrial complex of “La Alianza” the guided tour “Pieces with history” at ⏰8:00 p.m.

Finally on📆Sunday, October 1st we will close at the “La Alianza” industrial complex with a last guided tour “Pieces with history” at ⏰11:30 a.m.

The following activities are complete:

– Gymkhana “In search of the lost key.” 29 SEPT.

– Yoga in Fuente Álamo. 29 SEPT.

– Multi-adventures with GAN. 30 SEPT.

Here you have the complete schedule 👇

Book your places filling out the following form:

    Inscripción #DiadelTurismo2023

    Día (requerido)

    *** RESPONSABLE: Oficina de Turismo - Ayuntamiento de Puente Genil. *** FINALIDAD: Gestionar la inscripción a la actividad que solicita en este formulario de contacto. *** LEGITIMACIÓN: Su consentimiento (que está de acuerdo).*** Los datos que nos facilita estarán ubicados en los servidores de 1&1 Ionos (proveedor de hosting de Visit Puente Genil) dentro de la UE. Ver política de privacidad de 1&1 Ionos.*** DERECHOS: Por supuesto tiene derecho, entre otros, a acceder, rectificar, limitar y suprimir sus datos.

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